The needs of a non-profit association are greater than simply property management. They include specific accounting, reporting, and compliance requirements that are our specialty. Using industry-leading tools is not enough, instead, it's the knowledge, experience, and processes of the people managing your association.

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Management Service Details 

The following is a list of only some of the services we provide to our clients on a daily basis: 

Accounts Receivable and Collections 

  • Issue monthly assessment statements to all owners, listing recent transactions and total outstanding balance via email. (If mailed statements are selected, cost can include a return envelope for the owner’s convenience.) 
  • Accept and process all payments from owners, either via check, money order or electronic debit (ACH). Revenue is deposited into Association’s operating account on a daily basis. 
  • Track revenue on a daily basis, follow-up on delinquent owners, assess late fees to delinquent owners. 
  • Advise Treasurer when it is appropriate to place a lien against delinquent owners, and upon Board approval, will process a lien in accordance with applicable GA law. 
  • Advise Treasurer when it is appropriate to place a foreclosure against delinquent owners, and upon Board approval, will process a foreclosure in accordance with applicable GA law. 
  • Answers all calls, letters and e-mails from owners in regard to their account. Log ALL member and vendor communications.  “Account History” printout available upon request. 

Accounts Payable 

  • Accept, review and process all invoices. 
  • Setup and maintain electronic payments with utility companies. 
  • Checks are processed as received, and images immediately saved with a copy of each invoice and a check register which details all checks processed during the week. 
  • Correspond with vendors regarding invoices. 
  • New vendors are checked for licensing and insurance requirements.  W9’s and Certificates of Insurance are saved and recorded for compliance.   
  • Current vendors are periodically checked for licensing and insurance requirements. Expiration dates for all Certificates of Insurance are monitored and updates are automatically requested as they expire.  

Banking and Investment Accounts 

  • All banking accounts and funds are managed and monitored daily (operating and reserve) 
  • All investment accounts are monitored quarterly and statements archived.* 
  • Association’s accounts are reconciled on a monthly basis (or in accordance with receipt of bank statements). 
  • Lending and investment solutions to fulfill a Board’s fiduciary duty to fund the Reserve Study’s long-term capital projects can be provided in-house through OneWealth Investment Management (CD’s, money market accounts, bond portfolios, debt instruments, etc.).* 

*Investment management and financial planning services offered through OneWealth Investment Management, LLC and require separate agreement. Fees vary be investment. Investment returns are not guaranteed, investment accounts are not insured by FDIC, investment accounts may lose money. Not all investments are appropriate for all investors. Read all provided prospectus and consult your advisor before making any investment. 

Financial Reporting 

  • Provide monthly financial report to Treasurer and all Board members who request a copy. Report covers all accounts and includes Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Accounts Receivable Outstanding List and Check Register, as well as additional supplementary material. 
  • Provide monthly delinquency report to Treasurer and all Board members who request a copy. 

Budget, Taxes, Reserve Study 

  • Manager prepares and submits to the Board a proposed annual budget, approximately 90 days before the fiscal year end. 
  • Upon approval of the Board, manager revises and mails the approved budget to all owners, with necessary disclosures and rules package as required by appropriate GA statues. 
  • Coordinate annual tax preparation and financial review with the Association’s CPA or through affiliate OneWealth Accounting and Tax. 
  • Process vendor 1099 forms and submit them to the IRS. 
  • Coordinate with reserve specialist and assist with the annual reserve study. 

Escrows and Refinances 

  • Upon request of an owner, escrows and refinances are processed from beginning to end. 
  • New owners are provided with a copy of the CC&R’s By-Laws and Rules, and welcome letter. 


  • All incoming and outgoing correspondence from owners and service providers is received, logged, and recorded for compliance.  
  • At the request of the Board, notices and special mailings will be prepared and mailed to owners. 
  • Registered Agent service for Secretary of State process service available is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and available through OneWealth Capital Management at a discounted rate of $150 per year.* 

*Annual fee includes Secretary of State entity renewal fee and notice archival service. Federal and/or State copyrights of association intellectual property such as trademarks, service marks, logos, etc. require additional fees and are not included in basic association Registered Agent services.  Separate signed agreement with OneWealth Capital Management is required for all Registered Agent services. 


  • All maintenance requests are processed and monitored through a work order system. 
  • Routine requests are syndicated to a pre-screened and vetted pool of the appropriate vendors for handling. 
  • Non-routine and special requests are forwarded to the Board before proceeding. 
  • At the request of the Board, obtain up to 3 bids on any project over $1,000.00. 
  • Monthly “Work Order History Report” is mailed to all Board members upon request. 


You will be assigned a client representative who will supervise your community as follows: 

  • Supervise all activities and duties listed. 
  • Correspond with Board members, at minimum, on monthly basis via phone, fax, or e-mail. 
  • Act as a liaison between the Board and all other parties. 
  • Attend Board and Membership meetings at the request of the Board. 
  • Perform site visits, at minimum, on monthly basis, complete and record a monthly inspection report, and report on any findings to the Board. 
  • Supervise all contracts, including regular service providers, general contractors, utility companies and insurance policies. 
  • Negotiate contracts upon request and approval of the Board. (Manger will not hire or fire service providers without Board approval) 
  • Inform and copy the Board on important correspondence from owners and service providers. 
  • Advise the Board of new developments in the industry and law compliance issues. 
  • Prepare sample agenda for monthly meetings. 
  • Coordinate with attorney on legal issues. 
  • Coordinate with insurance claims office if a claim is filed. 
  • Manager or assistant manager is available via voicemail pager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for maintenance emergencies. 


  • All owners and vendors will be setup with a unique access ID and password for their owner/vendor portal accessible through our website www.onewealthproperty.com and/or an association’s website. 
  • The Association’s Governing Documents, Maps, and Minutes will be listed on this site and downloadable by your residents. 
  • Homeowners can set up reoccurring payments pay their dues online if they choose.  (Convenience fee of 3.5% is charged to the payor for credit card payments, debit and ACH payments are free.) 
  • Creation and management of an association-specific webpage/social media is available through our marketing department for a separate fee.  Contact us for package details and pricing.    

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