Multi-family can include apartments, condos, or all manner of home-sharing arrangements.  The specialized accounting and management for these types of properties are unique and not all property managers or owners understand the special considerations, complexities and compliance requirements.  It's vital to have a property manager who understand these types of properties as a part of your risk-management strategy   


  • Accounting – We customize your Chart of Accounts to accurately reflect your properties unique set of payables and receivables for more insight into where your money is going. This allow better reporting, better budgeting, and greater accountability to membership.
  • Administration – Our internal systems document every communication, every call, every email between tenants, owners, and management. All postal correspondences are scanned and uploaded to a shared folder for access, review, and compliance.  All communications are responded to within 24 hours and responses are documented for board review.
  • Leasing – We guarantee the right long-term tenants for the best price. We also have solutions for short-term tenancy by maintaining and managing your database of all residents including those procured by third-party vendors (PadSplit, AirBnB, VRBO, etc.) for security, convenience,
  • Maintenance – We provide in-house and third-party maintenance vendors for routine maintenance tasks and collect bids and proposals for project over a specified amount.
  • Risk Management – We collect, track, and maintain all relevant insurance policies for owners. We shop competing carriers annually to ensure current policies are adequate, appropriate, and cost-effective for the specific needs of your property.
  • Vendor Management – We collect, track, and maintain all records of vender insurance and bonding as required. We also deliver year-end tax documents to vendors on behalf of property owners.

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